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Host Monitor Is Available for the Whole World

Host Monitor is now visible for the whole world. However, some functionality still requires authentication. For instance, in order to see detailed job information and manage your currently running jobs on Sisu and Taito, you still need to sign in.

New Service Host Monitor Is Available

New service Host Monitor is available at Scientist's User Interface
This notification has been expired 10/21/14

Vuori Is No Longer Available

Vuori is no longer available in SUI portal since 30.9. because CSC has discontinued Vuori service
This notification has been expired 5/3/14

Host Monitor Shows Status of CSC's Servers

Host Monitor now shows status of CSC's servers with a variety of charts
This notification has been expired 6/1/13

Taito and Sisu are Available at SUI

CSC's new computers Taito and Sisu can now be used with SUI