Register as a new customer

If your organization is a part of Finnish Haka consortium (ie. many Finnish universities), you can apply for an account to CSC's services with your own Haka ID. If you don't have a Haka ID provided by your home organisation, you can apply for a CSC account (e.g. non-university and international customers).

About registration

When registered as a CSC customer you will get access to eligible resources and service offerings as well as being able to manage your account and projects. You can also benefit from support by CSC's experts. CSC resources and services are available to customers from higher education institutes, research institutes and industrial companies*. (*Some conditions apply.)

Please note that registering directly without a Haka account will ensue some delay as your eligibility to access our resources needs to be verified. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.
CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd processes customer and other stakeholder personal information in the following way: