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IDA – Research Data Storage Service Terms of Use

Published:  9/2/15   Last Modified:  7/1/19 
Effective as of July 1 2019 These are the terms of use for the IDA Research Data Storage Service. IDA is part of the Fairdata services ( https://www.fairdata.fi/ ). Please note that General...

Pouta Terms and Conditions

Published:  5/26/14   Last Modified:  7/1/19 
User policy and terms of usage for the Pouta Services This section describes additional terms and examples specific to the cPouta and ePouta services. Please also read General Terms Of Use for...

Prerequisites and Responsibilities for a Project Manager

Published:  10/19/15   Last Modified:  8/31/18 
Effective as of August 31, 2018, replaces the previous Prerequisites for a Principal Investigator Prerequisites for a Project Manager As a Project Manager (previously referred to as...

General Terms of Use for CSC's Services for Research

Published:  5/26/14   Last Modified:  5/28/18 
Effective as of May 16 2018 Use of the services is intended for Finnish academic research, unless otherwise agreed in advance Research results should be public Registering an...