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IDA Storage Service Terms of Use

Effective as of November 1 2015

These are the terms of use for the IDA service. Please note that CSC's general terms of use still apply.

The project user is a person, who has been granted user access to the IDA storage service, a CSC user ID and password, and project membership.

The principal investigator is the project user in charge of the project that is specified in this application and to which the project members belong. The principal investigator serves as a contact person between the project and CSC. The principal investigator shall observe all the principal investigator terms of use specified below.

Principal investigator terms of use

  • The principal investigator shall be fully entitled to make all decisions concerning the data of the project stored in the service on behalf of the project users. CSC reserves the right to inform users of any decisions made by the leader concerning data and access rights to data.
  • The leader shall ensure that the project users have accepted that the data stored in the service is available to all project users.
  • The leader shall always be able to identify the legal owner of the data stored in the service.

Project user terms of use

  • The user shall add metadata to their data stored in the service.  The user allows the metadata to be harvested to the Etsin research data finder (http://etsin.avointiede.fi), where the metadata is released under the CC0 license (https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/legalcode). The user allows their user information to be transferred to the Etsin service and combined with user information in Etsin in order to harvest metadata from IDA. The user can add metadata by using Etsin.
  • Should the user wish to connect a measurement device to the service, the device will be issued its own user account under the responsibility of the user. In order to agree on this, the user should contact servicedesk@csc.fi.
  • The user shall be responsible for any systems and applications they link to the service, in accordance with good data security practices, so as to protect the service and other clients from any danger or damages.
  • The user shall not store sensitive personal data, as specified in section 11 of the Personal Data Act in the service.
  • If using command line commands to transfer data, the user should be aware that the data is transferred unencrypted over the Internet.